Where To Find TalkToMeInKorean Books

안녕하세요! Thank you for studying Korean with Talk To Me In Korean's lessons. Here's where you can find & purchase our paper books.

Ordering from overseas?

First of all, if you are ordering from outside of Korea, the best way to get our books is through our online bookstore MyKoreanStore.com (right here) and all of our books are available for global shipping (via regular shipping or express shipping with tracking code). If you are ordering from the USA, you can also order our books on Amazon.

In Korea?

If you are visiting or living in Korea, you can find our book at major bookstores like 반디앤루니스(Bandi & Lunis), 교보문고(Kyobo Bookstore), 영풍문고(Youngpoong Bookstore). 

In Seoul?

If you are in Seoul and can visit the 홍대(Hongdae) & 합정(Hapjeong) area, there is a big new 교보문고(Kyobo Bookstore) connected right to the Hapjeong subway station, where you can find our books. The 교보문고(Kyobo Bookstore) in 광화문(Gwanghwamun) also has the largest selection of our books.

Your local bookstore doesn't have our books yet?

If your local bookstore (in Korea & in the USA) doesn't have our books yet, give them the title of our book that you want, and they will have it ready for sure within 2-3 days. They usually don't have them at their store because they don't know if there's enough demand, so if you ask, they will certainly get the books you want ready. 

ISBN information

If you need to know the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) information for our books either to request them at bookstores and libraries or to find them, here you go!

  Talk To Me In Korean Level 1 (Grammar Textbook)  979-11-86701-07-2 (14710)
  Talk To Me In Korean Level 2 (Grammar Textbook)  979-11-86701-08-9 (14710)
  Talk To Me In Korean Level 3 (Grammar Textbook)  979-11-86701-09-6 (14701)
  Talk To Me In Korean Level 4 (Grammar Textbook)  979-11-86701-36-2 (14701)
  Talk To Me In Korean Level 5 (Grammar Textbook)  979-11-86701-37-9 (14701)
  Talk To Me In Korean Workbook 1  978-89-5605-688-3 (14710)
  Talk To Me In Korean Workbook 2  978-89-5605-689-0 (14710)
  Talk To Me In Korean Workbook 3  978-89-5605-690-6 (14710)
  Talk To Me In Korean Workbook 4  978-89-5605-715-6 (14710)
  My Weekly Korean Vocabulary (Book1)  978-89-5605-718-7 (14710)
  My Weekly Korean Vocabulary (Book2)  978-89-5605-737-8 (14710)
  The Korean Verbs Guide  9788956057064 (13710)
  News in Korean  979-11-86701-10-2 (13710)
  Korean Slang Expressions  979-11-86701-00-3 (13710)
  My Daily Routine In Korean  979-11-86701-11-9 (13710)
  Survival Korean  978-89-5605-736-1 (13710)
  Hangeul Master  978-89-5605-719-4 (13710)
  Hangeul Master (Spanish)  978-89-5605-720-0 (13710)
  Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions  9788956057088 (13710)
  Korean Phrasesbook for Travelers  979-11-86701-13-3 (13710)

  Korean Q&A Sentence Patterns

 979-11-86701-53-9 (13710)