How to Earn & Spend Points on MyKoreanStore (Our Rewards Program)

How to earn points on MyKoreanStore

Every dollar spent on an order (shipping fees are not included) will be converted to 1 point and saved on your account. So if you buy a $15 book, you will earn 15 points that you can spend next time.

If you create an account on our store, you will earn 30 points. You don't have to make a purchase to earn these points.

When you input your birthday, on your next birthday, you will earn 100 points. You can't change your birthday once you enter a birthday, so please make sure you enter the correct date! 



Referral program

  1. Go to our rewards program page and click on "Refer a Friend". 

  2. You can get your unique referral code there (automatically generated). (See image below)

  3. If you share that, your friend who orders through that link will get 10% off on their first order (both books and e-books, excluding shipping fees).

  4. Every time someone makes their first purchase through your referral link, you will earn 50 points. 




How to spend your points on MyKoreanStore

30 points = $1 off
50 points = $2 off
100 points = $5 off
200 points = $10 off
300 points = $15 off

The points you earn on a purchase will be applicable on your next purchase.

Thank you! Happy learning!!