Frequently Asked Questions

I've bought an e-book, but didn't receive accompanying audio files. Where can I listen to them? 

-> If you didn't receive the audio files, the website address where you can download the audio files should be located inside the e-book. 

If I buy a textbook, where can I download the accompanying audio tracks? 

 You can download the MP3 audio files to any compatible device at

I ordered my books a while ago, but I haven't received them yet. When will I get them?

-> Your order is shipped out 2 days after you place your order. Shipping typically takes 2-3 weeks for standard shipping and 3-5 days for EMS. If your package has still not arrived, please refer to our Shipping & Return policy for our delayed delivery policy.

I live in Korea. How soon will I receive my books?

-> If you placed an order for an address in South Korea (domestic shipping), the package will usually arrive within three days. If the package failed to arrive, you need to let us know within a week to get a refund. 

Can I use a P/O BOX?

-> Please refrain from placing an order to a P/O box, as delivery may be delayed or cancelled. 


Can I track my order?

-> We have two types of shipping methods ㅡ EMS and Standard Shipping. Standard shipping is cheaper but not trackable. EMS is more expensive but is faster and provides a tracking code. If you get a lot of books in one order, EMS shipping can be actually more inexpensive. You can see the estimated shipping fee and choose your shipping method at the last stage of checkout.  

What is the difference between the TTMIK grammar textbooks and the TTMIK workbooks?

-> The TTMIK grammar textbooks are the “meat and potatoes” for learning Korean with TTMIK. They cover essential grammar points and introduce new vocabulary. The workbooks are for practicing and reinforcing what you learned in the grammar textbook with various exercises and quizzes.

What is a “video course”?

-> Unlike the videos you can watch for free on YouTube, we provide high quality paid video lessons via Vimeo. Please check out this video if you would like to learn how to purchase and watch/download them:

What is the difference between the grammar lessons (PDF) available for free at and the TTMIK Grammar Textbook paperback series available for purchase on

-> We have added sample dialogue and 4-5 quizzes for each lesson in the paperback books. Also, there are two culture blog posts in each book.
The additions to the books are certainly benefits to purchasing the books, but the actual lessons in the books are not that much different than the free PDFs found on Some of the lessons in the paperback book have been rephrased, rewritten, and proofread to make them easier to understand. :) 

I don’t want to order your books online and pay the shipping fee because I am in Korea. Where can I buy them offline?

-> You can purchase our books at any Korean major bookstores as long as they have a Korean language section, such as Kyobo Bookstore, Bandi&Lunis, or YP Books. If they don’t have our books in the Korean language section, please ask them to get our books in stock. We recommend that you visit Kyobo Bookstore in Gangnam, which is located right outside Sinnonhyeon subway station, if you are in Seoul because they typically have many copies in stock. 

What is the difference between the paperback version of “My Weekly Korean Vocabulary” and the e-book version?

-> We made the e-book into a paperback version, so the content is pretty much the same. However, the order of the vocabulary has been changed. For example, in “My Weekly Korean Vocabulary (Book 1)”, Week 1 consists of the following seven keywords: 

Day 1: 보다
Day 2: 전화
Day 3: 듣다
Day 4: 친구
Day 5: 말하다
Day 6: 노래
Day 7: 가르치다

Among those, only 보다 and 전화 are from “[E-book] My Weekly Korean Vocabulary - Week 1”. In the e-book, 듣다 is from Week 5, 친구 is from Week 2, 말하다 and 노래 are from Week 8, and even 가르치다 is from Week 28. 

How do I place an order?

-> After choosing the quantity that you would like to purchase on the product’s page, please click on the “Add to cart” button. After making sure everything you would like to purchase is in your cart, please click the “Checkout” button. Please fill out the customer information form, then click on the “Continue to shipping method” button. “Standard Shipping” has already been selected for you, so please click “Continue to payment method” and please choose either PayPal or Credit Card. If you have a gift card or discount code, enter it now! Once you’ve chosen your payment method and entered your discount code, please click the “Complete order” button.

How do I download the free e-books?

-> The process is the same as when you are purchasing an item. Please see “How do I place an order?” for the exact process. When ordering free e-books, you will be able to complete your checkout WITHOUT choosing a payment method. After you have completed your order, you will receive a download link via email. Please check your email inbox.