In Kyung-hwa's Mind: Apple (Video + Transcript + Translation + Vocab Breakdown)


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여러분 사과 좋아하세요? 사과를 얼마나 자주 드시나요? 다 똑같은 것 같아도 나라마다 사과가 조금씩 다르죠. 이번 레슨에서는 경화 선생님이 사과에 대해서 어떤 생각을 갖고 있는지, 어떤 경험들을 했는지에 대해서 이야기해 줍니다. In this video lesson, teacher Kyung-hwa talks about her thoughts and experiences about apples. According to her, apples in various countries seem to have slightly different tastes!

This e-book contains the full transcript and translation as well as the vocabulary breakdown for the "In Kyung-hwa's Mind: Apple" video. 

If you want to enjoyed this video and want to understand everything that is being said in Korean in the video, this e-book will surely be useful for improving your Korean vocabulary and listening skills! 

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