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Winner Announcement for March 2012 Book Giveaway April 16 2012, 5 Comments

Thank you everyone for participating in our March 2012 Book Giveaway

We'd like to have these giveaways regularly, so please check back on our blog and our facebook page often! (Hint: We have the next giveaway coming up very soon.)

So the mission for the giveaway was to either 1) buy any product from our March 2012 Special Collection from, or 2) submit a video response reading a passage from the book, 바다에는 악어가 살지.


Afte we posted the video, a lot of people submitted their video responses!

Click the image below to see all the video responses:


And after watching all the videos and the records of everybody who bought from the March 2012 Special Collection, we have chosen 15 people to receive the book for free. 

The winners!

1. Kimberli Silvasy-Neale

2. Isabella Jukas

3. Ratih Adiwibowo

4. Jason Wood

5. Vera Octavia

6. Daniel Roberts

7. Poh Xing Wei

8. Stacey Kennedy

9. Ana Arredondo

10. Soon Siew Hui

11. Nunmul13

12. LokiTheBeetle

13. LexRomah

14. Whirledpeas13

15. Lyrad89

Thank you everyone for participating and congratulations to the winners!
We are looking forward to having our next giveaway (for April) very soon! Stay tuned!

감사합니다 ^^

Korean Book Giveaway - March 2012 March 22 2012, 113 Comments

안녕하세요, 여러분! 

Are you ready for another giveaway? 
We are going to give away a Korean book to 15 people next week. If you've been looking for a good book to read in Korean, this might be a good opportunity for you to get one for free. The book we are giving away this month is originally an Italian novel translated into Korean - "바다에는 악어가 살지" by Fabio Geda. (Regular price in Korea: 12,000 won)  


To 15 people who are chosen, we will send you a copy of this book, no matter which part of the world you are in! 
So here's how you can win this book.


You can win this book for free by 

(1) Purchasing any of the items in the March 2012 Featured Collection

[ Check out the March 2012 Featured Collection here ]


(2) Reading the following passage (from this book) in a video response to the video above.

(A passage from the book)

할머니는 그리스어와 영어로 계속 많은 말을 했다. 

나는 약간의 말들을 알아들었다. 

할머니의 웃는 얼굴을 보면서 내가 말했다. 굿, 굿. 

심각한 얼굴을 하면 나도 심각한 얼굴을 했다. 

그리고 고개를 크게 저으면서 말했다. 노, 노. 

오후가 되었다. 할머니는 샤워를 마친 나를 버스 정류장까지 데려다 주었다.

1. Out of everyone who purchases from the March 2012 Collection between 22 March and 27 March, we will choose 10 people and send them a copy of this book for free. 

2. Out of everyone who leaves a video response reading this passage between 22 March and 29 March, we will choose 5 people and send them a copy of this book for free. 

Thanks as always for studying Korean at TalkToMeInKorean and shopping at! We'll be looking forward to sending you the books and also for your video responses!