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This is an iPhone application for Kyeong-eun's Audiobook #2.

This is not downloadable here. You need to purchase the app in the Apple App Store.  

With this Audiobook App, we always show you what is being said, and even allow you to access our study notes with a touch of a finger.

This audiobook was written and recorded by Kyeong-eun Choi. Kyeong-eun is one of the teachers and podcast hosts at She was born and raised here in Seoul, Korea, and she shares five of her interesting experiences with the listeners through this audiobook.

Inside this audiobook you will find:

Story 1 – Korean girls are always on a diet
Story 2 – Korean boys vs. Korean boys in dramas
Story 3 – Only people of the same age can be friends?
Story 4 – Pet lovers in Korea
Story 5 – What if I could go on a month-long vacation?

The audiobook contains 5 stories in the MP3 audio format and a PDF file that has the complete script and translation.

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